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                           Video Inspection Specialists
Oil Well Video Inspections
Troubleshooting oil well problems can be costly,frustrating and time consuming. At Inner Earth Technologies, our oil well video inspection camera captures high definition live feed video down to 4,200 feet. Our oil well camera can withstand 2,500 psi of pressure. With this video inspection system we take the guess work out of oil wells. We can locate exact depth and condition of many common well problems and provide a complete video DVD of the inspection with depth readout. We can locate cracks in casing, plugged or leaking perforations, locate lost tools to aid in fishing operations, verify casing integrity and more.

Illinois Oil Well Video inspection  Illinois Oil Well Service

Gas Storage Video Inspections

Inner Earth Technologies has the ability to perform a complete video inspection of a gas storage wells under pressure. With our custom crane and lubricator we can perform any inspection with or without a rig on location. All gas storage well inspections are performed under a blow out preventer and lubricator. Gas storage video inspections can show wellbore condition, as well as perforations and open hole condition. Inspections can also be run after vertilogs to verify internal metal loss. IET is currently giving all new gas storage customers a one time no charge video inspection.

Gas Storage Well Video Inspection Illinois Gas Well

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Coal Mines/Boreholes
Illinois Oil Well Video Inspection

Things are constantly at risk of shifting or changing in a coal mine environment. Service bore holes can be inspected with the well camera to check for broken or shifted pipe or holes. Inside the mine our 1000 foot capable video crawler can explore tight or unstable areas in the mine.

• MSHA Certified & Trained. We know coal mine safety!
• Full coverage liability insurance

Illinois Coal mine Video inspection  Illinois Bore Hole  Video

Every year thousands of feet of drain tile are put into the ground by farmers to help with erosion and avoid wet fields or pooling of water. Often times when installed, this tile can be improperly graded in spots making it ineffective. Other problems include collapsed drain tile, plugged drain tile or simply not knowing where the drain tile was laid (newly acquired field or land). With our state of the art crawler system we can quickly and efficiently find the problem areas in 1000 feet increments so you can pinpoint and fix your problem quickly and efficiently.

Water Well Video


Inner Earth Technologies' water well camera can be used to locate problems, verify service work has been done correctly, and can be ran as a preventative measure to make sure everything is in optimal condition. Our camera has both down view and side view with 360 degree rotation which allows a water well operator to examine the formation walls, screen, casing, gravel pack, infiltration, deterioration, perforation blockage or any other issues in the water well. We provide service to all water well and waste water wells in Illinois and all surounding states.  

Illinois Water Well Video inspection  Illinois Water Well Service

Sewer and horizontal pipe problems can be very difficult to pinpoint. Our horizontal video crawler can inspect pipe horizontally to nearly 1000 feet at a time, and our push camera can inspect home sewer pipe as small as 2” pipe out to distances of 200 feet. We can locate exact distance and condition of many common pipe problems and provide a complete flash drive video of the inspection with depth readout and a detailed report if requested. We can locate things like cracks or holes in pipe, crushed or collapsed pipe, broken pipe, root intrusion, clogs or plugged pipe, and many other common pipe problems.