Services and benefits

Troubleshooting well problems can be very frustrating and time consuming. At Inner Earth Technologies, our state of the art video inspection service captures high definition full color live feed video down to 4200 feet down a well. With this high tech system we take the guess work out of problem wells. We can locate exact depth and condition of many common well problems and provide a complete video DVD of the inspection with depth readout. We can locate cracks in casing, plugged or leaking perforations, locate lost tools to aid in fishing operations and many other things that go on down a well that until now were unknowns.

Determining what has compromised a well can be frustrating, time consuming, and often result in failure or major down time due to blind working conditions.

These conditions can be overcome with greater success and speed by impementing our live feed video well inspection service. What used to take hours and even days to figure out can now be discovered with one video inspection.



A detailed inspection report is provided including: either a flash drive containing the recording or a high quality, color DVD copy of the entire inspection.

A copy of the inspection will also be kept on file with IET for well and date info for future reference. 


  • Up to 4,200ft Operating Depth

  • For 2-7/8 & Larger Well Casings

  • Water, gas, and oil well capable

  • 360 Dual Camera (Sideview and Downhole)

  • Rated for up to 2500 psi

  • Full Color, High Quality Recording

  • Flash and DVD recording capabilities

  • Depth readout on screen in feet and inches