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Sewer and Horizontal Inspections
Explanation of Services

Sewer and horizontal pipe problems can be very difficult to pinpoint. Our horizontal video crawler can inspect pipe horizontally to nearly 1000 feet at a time, and our push camera can inspect home sewer pipe as small as 2” pipe out to distances of 200 feet. We can locate exact distance and condition of many common pipe problems and provide a complete flash drive video of the inspection with depth readout and a detailed report if requested. We can locate things like cracks or holes in pipe, crushed or collapsed pipe, broken pipe, root intrusion, clogs or plugged pipe, and many other common pipe problems.

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Technical specs

Inner Earth Technologies state of the art
video crawler system uses a drive able
remote controlled high definition camera
that allows you to rotate the camera in
any direction. The camera also provides a
distance readout in feet and inches and can
monitor the rise and fall of the pipe. Outside
the pipe at the control unit customers can
see firsthand what is going on in the pipe as
it happens.
Our push camera uses the same HD quality
image and controller capabilities but is
designed to get into much smaller pipe like
residential drain pipes and sewer pipes.
Both live feed camera transmit a video feed
into our system allowing us to capture the
video and save it to a flash drive.
Both cameras have built in locators so we
can pinpoint for you exactly where the
problem area is.

• Crawler has horizontal capability of nearly 1000 feet
• Push cam can reach distances of nearly 200 feet
• Crawler can be used for 4″ pipe and above
• Push camera for 2” to 6” Pipe
• Unit is very portable and can be wheeled into small areas
• 360 degree fully controllable HD camera
• Water proof down to 300 feet
• Full Color, High Quality Recording
• Flash drive recording capabilities
• Distance readout on screen in feet and inches
• Altimeter for measuring pipe grade, incline/fall