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Frequently Asked Questions

For many years well problems have been dealt with by making educated guesses as to what is going on down in the well casing. As with many new technologies it is sometime difficult to feel confident when a new system comes along. Below are some commonly asked questions that should help you make a better decision as to if the Inner Earth Technologies system is right for you.


What is the purpose of the video inspection service?

The main purpse of this service is to save you as an owner operator valuable time and money by showing you exactly what you are up against when things dont work as planned in your well. For example, you order a cement squeeze job to plug off a zone in an oil well that is producing only water. Once it has been filled with cement you drill back through and perforate a new zone, swab on it for a while and put it on pump but the zone you are in now seems to be producing way more water than it should. After running the camera down the well you discover that the zone that was suppose to be squeezed off is leaking water. Now you know the exact depth of the problem, know what the problem is, have seen it with your own eyes and can fix it the first time with no guess work!


What is the cost of a video inspection and will it save me money?

The cost of a well inspection depends on what type of well it is, gas, oil or water and how deep you need to inspect to. The cost varies depending on the depth and degree of inspection. The cost savings can be calculated many ways, first is eliminating the guess work and all the time and money wasted by using the process of elimination to determine what is wrong with your well. If you have lost something down the casing it can take days or even weeks to fish the object out because you have no idea what orientation the object is or how far down it is, by verifying it first through video you can be more productive in your fishing operation. And finally you save money by minimizing the time that your well is not producing. For a free estimate call or email us here.



What can you expect to see in your well with this system?

  • Casing condition                                                                    
  • Perforation holes and what is coming out of them
  • Potential cracks or imperfections in casing
  • Plug conditions and depth
  • Status of orientation of lost tools down pipe


Is this system only for oil wells?

Absolutely not. This system can be used for virtually any subsurface inspection down to 4000 feet straight down. Water wells, oil wells, gas wells, drilling operations, coal mine cave-ins that need a camera sent down.


I have been doing this for over 20 years, why do I need a video inspection now?

For years now well owner/operators have relied on experience and best guess trouble shooting when it comes to what to do in the case of a problem down a well. Technology up to this point to see what is going on down that far has not been available. Our live video feed down to 4000 feet and recording capability now make this possible at a very affordable price.

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