Water Well Video Inspection


Inner Earth Technologies is a downhole and horizontal video inspection service based out of Norris City Illinois. Serving the water well, and coal mine industry with inspection of vertical and horizontal pipe. The inspection is done from a climate controlled vehicle where the customer can watch the inpection live on site. All video is recorded onto a dvd or flash drive for later viewing and all findings are recorded onto a job sheet. The downhole camera has a maximum depth capability of 4,200' and the horizontal crawler has a maximum capability of 1,000'

Water Well Camera

Up to 4,200ft Depth Capability
  • For 2-7/8″ and larger Well Casings

  • Water, gas, and oil well capable

  • 360 Dual Camera (Sideview and Downhole)

  • Rated for up to 2500 psi

  • Full Color, High Quality Recording

  • Flash and DVD recording capabilities

  • Depth readout on screen in feet and inches


During the water well inspection
IETs high definition dual view camera is remote operated which allows us to rotate the camera in any direction for the highest quality video inspection. Our camera has a live depth readout and a pressure rating of 2,500 psi. In the logging truck customers can see first hand what is happening in the well. The video is captured into our system and a detailed inspection report is created and given to the customer. 


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Inner Earth Technologies

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